What Is Swag?

Tech-Blogger-Gear-1You’ve heard you need swag.  You’ve heard you want swag.  But what really is swag?

Swag = Stuff We All Get.

Swag is a slang term, frequently used to describe the free promotional products companies give away branded with their logo, colors, or name.

That branded coffee mug you drink out of each morning? Swag.

Those stickers plastered on that millennial’s laptop? Swag.

The short sleeve t-shirt a brand gave you at the last conference you attended? Swag.

Swag, also called promo items or branded merchandise, is usually given away at an event, conference, or even as gifts to employees or clients. It can come in a number of different forms – from high-quality duffel bags down to pens and lanyards – meaning swag fits in every budget.

Why Do You Need It?

Backpack_FeatureWho doesn’t love a free item?

But branded swag is more than just giving away something for free.

Swag gets your leads, customers, and employees excited.

It creates awareness about your brand and makes your supporters proud to show off their connection with your company.

Individuals are more likely to remember your name when viewing your logo or name on a promotional item. In fact, 57% of people recall advertisers they’ve seen on items like mugs – almost double when compared to radio or TV.

Good Swag vs. Bad Swag

There is such thing as bad swag. Financial Planning

Your swag needs to reach the right audience – and it needs to get noticed.

Good swag makes an impression on your customers and clients, encourages them to show it off, and pushes them to connect.

Understanding the behaviors and needs of your target audience can help you make the right product decision.

Choosing the RIGHT Items

Faux_Beach_Eyes_Sutterfly_Brown_1024x1024When it comes to choosing branded swag, quality matters.

If you don’t invest in your promotional items, your customers, clients, and employees will take this as a sign you’re not willing to invest in them.

Selecting low-quality items make it easy to throw them away – meaning your money is going straight in the trash.

Choosing the right swag means offering top of the line products that your target audience will love.

How Cubik Helps

At Cubik, we get it!Cubik-5687

When you’re trying to order swag, you’re also probably also preparing for a big event, conference, or even a large hire.

You have other things on your mind.

By assisting you through the process, we can streamline your branding efforts to ensure you create items that will help you get noticed – and get serious returns.



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The Swag Scoop

Why Clients Love Cubik

The BEST promotional item vendor to work with. I have worked with them 4+ years, cannot count how many orders I've sent them and appreciate all they do. Incredibly helpful with ideas - just ask them and be amazed at the variety of products they have (they save me time of having to search for items). Products always arrive by when they are needed and at the quality I expect. They always keep up with the products that are currently trendy. Thanks Cubik for all you do!

megan larson

Megan Larson Hitachi Capital America Vendor Services

Cubik Promotions is my go-to vendor for marketing and promotional items.  They offer a no hassle ordering and proofing process, friendly customer service, but most importantly an array of products with competitive pricing with timely delivery.  The Cubik's team exceeds my expectations every time!
Heidi Sandstrom

Heidi Sandstrom ProSource Technologies, LLC

Each person that I worked with at Cubik was extremely helpful and responsive - they not only helped me with a project that required a very fast turn around, but they helped me save some production cost with their timely responses and even introduced me to new products that I might be able to use in upcoming projects by hand-delivering some item samples. The items came in perfectly and right on time and invoicing and payment was made very easy. We really appreciate each person's help and will certainly make Cubik a first stop when looking for logo items in future. Many thanks!
hollie gaines

Hollie Gaines Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Can’t say enough about Matt and the team at Cubik. We have been using Cubik for all of our promotional needs for over 3 years now and couldn’t be more happy. The prices and products are always great, if you want a certain promo product, Matt and the team will find it. I have highly recommended Cubik to others for their promotional needs as well.
Dillon Kuehn

Dillon Kuehn Altimate Medical

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